Jane Greenberg

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Greenberg received a Masters Degree in Communication from Cornell University, where she produced and directed two award winning films. NED, the story of one woman's struggle with breast cancer, screened at the Sinking Creek Film Festival. Her next film SECOND GENERATION, was awarded first prize at the Carolina Film and Video Festival and Third Prize at the Visions of US contest. She has been contributing to independent documentaries at Log In Productions since 1996 and served as Associate Producer for SCHOOL PRAYER: A COMMUNITY AT WAR. Ms. Greenberg is currently developing her own work. She also interviews Holocaust survivors for the SHOAH Foundation's videotaped archives. She served as Coordinator for the Central New York Programmers Group, assisting in the development of touring programs of independent media artists to arts and cultural facilities throughout the State. Greenberg was the recipient of a Finishing Funds award from the New York State Council on the Arts.