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Longo received his BFA in Film, Photography, and the Visual Arts from Ithaca College in 1994. Since then he has worked for Log In Productions contributing his diverse talents as cameraman, editor and sound recordist to over 20 documentaries. Some of his recent credits include: FRONTLINE--MY RETIREMENT DREAMS, Editor; P.O.VóSCHOOL PRAYER: A COMMUNITY AT WAR, Editor; NOVAóTHE SCIENCE OF MURDER, Editor; and the award winning independent productionóFROM CHECHNYA TO CHERNOBYL, Director of Photography, Editor. Longo was the recipient of a Finishing Funds award from the Experimental Television Center. Documentaries NOVA: Science of MurderRecent breakthroughs in forensic science have made it possible to re-examine evidence from Sam Sheppard's infamous 1950 murder trial. 1999, 1 hour. NOVA Sound Recordist, Editor My Retirement DreamsA journey into the mind and soul of retired persons in America. 1998, 1 hour. PBS Frontline Sound Recordist, Assistant Editor Living in Tall TreesCanopy researches and environmentalists fight to preserve old forests of the Americas. 1998. 1998, 30 minutes. PBS Frontline Sound Recordist, Assistant Editor The House of Kushner (work in progress) A filmmaker traces his family roots, back to a single home in Belarus. He travels the world trying to gain a deeper understanding of his family and his heritage by locating distant relatives. 1997. Sound Recordist From Chechyna to Chernobyl The story of a family or four who escape the Chechan civil war by resettling a collective farm in the Chernobyl irradiated zone. 1997, 1 hour. Camera, Editor School Prayer: A Community at War When Lisa Herdahl, mother of 6, moves to Ponatoc, Mississippi and discovers Bible classes are taught in public schools, she decides to sue the school district. An ITVS documentary exploring this volatile issue. 1997, 1 hour. Editor, Sound Recordist Michael and Svetlana (work in progress) An American man travels to Russia to meet his bride to be, whom he knows only through the letters they have exchanged over the past year. She moves to America and they marry. The film follows their tumultuous love affair over the course of three years. 1997 Co-Editor, Sound Recordist Shtetl Several Polish Jews return to their Shtetl for the first time since World War II, and discover lingering anti-Semitism. A bold and illuminating look at Polish/Jewish relations in the past and present. 3 hours. PBS Frontline, BBC Fine Cut, Canal + Poland. Production Associate Escape from Japan The comic story of a young Japanese student studying in the US, who after graduating from art school, follows his dream of becoming a Hollywood cinematographer, much to the dismay of his parents. 1997, 2 hours. Sound Recordist. Skin Deep The parallel stories of South African apartheid and the US Civil Rights movement, told through the eyes of those who participated. 1997, 1 hour. PBS/BBC People's Century Series. Camera Assistant, Sound Recordist Learning Through the Arts at Camp Tom Tom A summer camp in Ithaca, New York offers a unique approach to learning to a diverse group of young children. 1997, 15 minutes. Director, Camera, Editor Second Generation A young second generation Moonie struggles to break away from his religious upbringing, while confronting his wife from an arranged marriage. 1996, 25 minutes. Camera, Co-Editor Project Continental Drift (pilot) An international group of scientists conduct experiments in remote areas of the Tibetian Plateau, in order to understand the origins of the Himalayan Mountain range. 1994. 30 minutes. Camera Assistant, Sound Recordist, Editor Adopting Olya A couple from California travels to a remote area of Russia to adopt a 4 year old orphan with a learning disability. 1995, 30 minutes. Polish TV Network, Discovery Channel Europe, Denmark TV. Post-Production Assistant Our Man In Russia An Atlanta businessman discovers deep cultural differences while trying to do business in Russia shortly after the collapse of communism. 1994, 1 hour. Post-Production Assistant, On- Line Editor, Camera Assistant Diary of an Artist The story of a Polish rock and roll star who tries to make it big in America. Polish Television Network, 1995, 1 hour. Second Camera, Post-Production Assistant Jerzy Soltan, The Man Who Didn't Build Poland Documentary portrait of Polish architect and intellectual Jerzy Soltan, who studied under master architect Le Corbesseuir. 1995, 1 hour. Polish Television network. Sound Recordist, Camera Assistant, Post-Production Assistant. Industrial/Commercial Music at Ithaca: A Look Inside Documentary style promotional video for Ithaca College's prestigious School of Music. 1996, 13 minutes. Camera, Editor, Assistant Director The School of Humanities & Sciences at Ithaca College Documentary style promotional video for Ithaca College's School of H&S. 1996, 9 minutes Camera, Editor Awards 1996, second place, State of the Art Gallery's Annual Juried Photography show, Ithaca, NY 1995, New York State Experimental Television Center production grant, Small Town America 1994, C.I.N.E Golden Eagle Award, Ithaca College: It Fits 1994, Harold Mayrock Distinguished History Student Award, Ithaca College 1994, ITVA Golden Reel Finalist, Ithaca College: It Fits 1993, Best Collaborative Non-Fiction Film Award, Ithaca College, Confiscated