Jenna Ricker

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JENNA RICKER (Writer, Director, Producer) was writing scripts as early as eight years old. Handwritten on steno pads taken from her father's desk, they were primarily episodes of the television show Remington Steele, starring her childhood crush, Pierce Brosnan. By nine years old, thankfully, she had moved on to other projects. Originally from California, Jenna later moved to New York to study acting at the Tisch School of the Arts. Discovering a preference for storytelling behind the scenes, she picked up writing again and began directing theater. Her first script, Solitaire, was part of the Writing Out Loud screenplay series. The Garage was a quarter-finalist in the 2004 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' prestigious Nicholl Fellowship. She is currently writing her next feature, Please Press the # Sign that was in competition as a short for Kaos Films, based in London. In addition, Jenna has directed and produced several shorts as well as the award winning film, The Overlookers.