Jessica Rylan

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Jessica Rylan is a sound artist and electronic musician who lives and performs in the Boston area, where she grew up. The main focus of her work to date has been the design and construction modular synthesizers which use analog electronic circuits to create a diversity of sounds. She uses her synthesizers in installations at galleries and also in her high-energy, live musical performances. She performs extensively throughout New England and has also undertaken several national tours which have taken her from Boston all the way to Seattle and San Francisco. She has also performed live on the radio and was featured in a PBS documentary in March, 2003. She has created sound installations for such places as the LIST Gallery for Visual Arts at MIT, the Boston Center for Contemporary Art, Bard College, the Berwick Research Institute and the Massachusetts College of Art. She has an MFA in electronic music from Bard College, Avondale-on-Hudson, New York and has received grants from the Penny McCall Foundation and the LEF Foundation. "I design and build synthesizers. I've played them in concerts all over the US and Europe. I also use them for sound installations. I started building synthesizers to help me understand certain things about sound and hearing that classical music theory didn't want to talk about."