Joe Diebes

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Joe Diebes creates works that converge around the categories of concert music, installation and conceptual art. He graduated from Yale in 1995 where he studies composition with Jonathan Berger and Michael Tenzer while pursuing a degree in Literature and Philosophy. He also studied at Julliard and privately with La Monte Young. Some recent works include: apocrypha for string quartet, light and projections (2000), in collaboration with visual artist Jeff Sugg; Strange Birds (2001/2), a chamber opera for four singers and an electronic orchestra created from samples of 19th century orchestral music; and presence (2001-present), a music installation for a phantom chamber orchestra which has been presented by Trinity Concerts and Engine 27. Another focus for Diebes has been collaborating with theater, film and visual artists. After composing for The Living Theater in NY and George Coates Performance Works in San Francisco, Joe collaborated with theater-artist Phil Soltanoff to co-create the performance piece to whom it may concern, developed at The Williamstown Theater Festival, the Belgrade International Theater Festival and The Kitchen. In 1998 DIebes collaborated again with Deb Fernandez to create Malleus Mallificarum, a multidisciplinary work presented at the Ontological Theater. Since 1996, Diebes has been the musical force behind GAle GAtes, where he collaborated with director Michael Counts on works which were part art installation, part progressive theater and part opera and have been reviewed in Art in America and The New York Times. Diebes also created Sonic Adventure Series at GAle GAtes, where he has presented the music of composers and musicians working with visual media.