Jonathan Cohrs

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Jon Cohrs is a recording engineer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Often employing humor and absurdity, his work uses public engagement and site-specific interventions to address global issues. Recently, He was working on OMG I'm on .TV; an analog Pirate TV station that fills the void left behind after the digital transition. OMG TV was used as a reference in a Supreme Court amicus brief on creativity and copyright. Currently, he is a fellow at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center working on creating high-end salt containing antidepressants from local water called Alviso's Medicinal All-Salt, a book on urban wilderness, and researching sonic weapons with the collaboration Audint. He also teaches at Parson, The New School for Design. His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, FutureEverything, 201 Vancouver Olympics, + Eyebeam Atelier and discussed in numerous publications such as BoingBoing, Deutsche Welle, Neural Magazine, Make Magazine, We Make Money Not Art, Furtherfield, PSFK, and Gizmodo among others.