Jones and Brewster Documentation (Frame Buffer and D+7A Input/ Output)

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Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY (1979)




Jones and Brewster Documentation (Frame Buffer and D+7A Input/ Output). Frame Buffer Memory Board (Membuf) (pp. 1-3 of 3, Parts List- 08.1984). Color Channel (Colorchan-1) (pp. 1-6 of 6, 06.11.1984). Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) for Keyer (2 copies). Buffer Input/ Output (Buf I/O) (pp. 1-9 of 9, 03.28.1984, Parts List- 08.1984). Analog- Digital- Analog (A-D-A) Board (pp. 1-13 of 13, 11.1983, Parts List- 08.1984). Pages follow: Block Diagram, Voltage Regulators, Timing Control, Bus Control, Analog- Digital Prep., Reference Generator, Analog- Digital Converter, Analog- Digital Mux, Comparitor Prep., Comparitor, Comp. Mux, Digital- Analog Mux, and Digital- Analog. Add. Generator (pp. 1-6 of 6, 05.20.1984, Parts List- 08.1984). A note to Sherry Hocking from Dave Jones. Priority List by Dave Jones. Circuit Diagrams and extra templates. Brewster packet follows: Extension for Cromemco D+7A Input/ Output Board (09.1979): "D" Connector Designation, D+7A I/O Extension Cable, Wiring Table (Digital Input, 03.1980), DO Point to Point Wiring List (03.1980), Version 1 (Black) Board Layout, Parts List, Analog Input Mux Board (02.1982, revised by Brewster 06.1982), and Digital Input Board (02.82- Brewster, revised 06.82- Jones). Experimental Television Center D+7A Input/ Output Extension Boxes Built by Rich Brewster abridged User's Manual includes Introduction, Analog Input, Analog Output, Reset, Digital Input, Digital Output, and Joysticks (3 pages). Extension for Cromemco D+7A Input/ Output Board by Brewster (09.1979) includes Notes, Digital Input/ Output Schematics, and Analog Input/ Output Schematics. Version 2 (White) Board Layout (03.1980). Power Supply (03.80). Schematics for Version 2 Analog Inputs/ Outputs and Digital Inputs/ Outputs (10.1979). Version 2 Joystick Buffers and Touch Switches (03.80). Ralph's Input/ Output Box, Version 1, Digital Wiring: RTO and RTI (03.1980).

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