Julian Bleecker

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Bleecker long been involved in technology design, both the development work involved in building mobile and networked systems, and in his work to produce provocative human-machine entanglements. PDPal, a collaboration with Marina Zurkow and Scott Paterson, is a psychogeography mapping project for the web and Palmô PDA devices that allows maps to be created and shared based on experiential coordinates rather than the conventional coordinates of latitude/longitude and street addresses. Itis installed in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center, and in Times Square in New York City. He is an Engineer-in-Residence at Eyebeam Atelier, where he is producing a toolkit of WiFi technology specifically designed for art-technology projects. He is also a professional technology consultant, providing expertise in implementation and concept development for networked, wireless, and mobile systems for MTV and VH1. He is on the faculty of the Design and Technology Department at Parsons School of Design and writes and lectures on technology and culture.