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Julius Vitali

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Executive Director of Open Space Gallery in Allentown, Julius Vitali has also worked with Hempstead Harbor Gallery in Glen Cove and August House in Easton. A printmaker and performing and visual artist, Vitali has received awards from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation and a National Endowment for the Arts Commission in association with Painted Bride Art Center. His work has been exhibited at Muse Gallery, Philadelphia; Sea Cliff Gallery; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia; and featured widely in international arts publications. He co-curated the traveling photography exhibition Pioneers of Digital Photography. Julius is an interdisciplinary artist working with oil paint, photography, video, computer imaging, and experimental music. His innovative artwork has been the subject of articles and features in more than 300 newspapers and magazines worldwide The New York Times has said of his work, "with his modern technology and bold innovation, Mr. Vitali stands apart as a kind of one-man frontier for the avant-garde. It has been easy to regard him as someone who is pushing the very limits of art in a very positive way." While working with techniques that are often considered "experimental, Vitali has consistently received coverage in the mainstream media. His "Puddle Art," which uses the reflective qualities of water as a liquid canvas, has been featured on "The David Letterman Show," network television news, and in national and international magazines as articles and illustrations. Vitali's "Visual Surgery," a montage technique using found materials made into paper sculpture and then photographed; his "Photographic Windows," a method using cut and contact-printed photographic negatives to create a progressive narrative; and his work in other art forms have been featured in forums such as CNN, The Village Voice, and the prestigious British Journal of Photography. This same work has been supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, Polaroid, Kodak, and the Experimental TV Center. Julius Vitali's intelligent use of the media has bolstered his career, helping him to secure numerous artist and educational residencies, receive corporate support, exhibit in the United States and Europe, and place artwork in public and private collections, including those of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris and Polaroid Corporation. AUTHOR: 2003 THE FINE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO MARKETING & SELF-PROMOTION-Revised edition Allworth Press, NYC, NY SELECTED DOMESTIC GRANTS & AWARDS: 2003 Puffin Foundation, Teaneck, NJ Ground Zero 2003-80 Experimental TV Center, Owego, NY Artist-In-Residence 1998 PA Council on the Arts, Harrisburg, PA Interdisciplinary Arts 1990 Experimental TV Center, Owego, NY Electronic Arts Grant 1982 Inter-Media Art Center, Bayville, NY Video Award INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM & UNIVERSITY ART COLLECTIONS Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, FRANCE Centre Nationale de la Photographie, Paris, FRANCE (slide collection) SELECTED INTERNATIONAL ART COLLECTIONS: Crucial Gallery, London, UK Il Diaframma Galerie, Milan, ITALY Polaroid Corporation, Zurich, SWITZERLAND Zeus Galleria, Milan, Italy SELECTED DOMESTIC MUSEUM & UNIVERSITY ART COLLECTIONS: College Misericordia, Dallas, PA Penn State Berks Campus, Reading, PA SELECTED DOMESTIC ART COLLECTIONS: Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY Inter-Media Art Center, Huntington, NY Locust Valley Library, Locust Valley, NY Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge, MA Howard Chapnick Estate, New York City, NY Ray Johnson Estate, New York City, NY Lillian Gates Estate, San Francisco, CA Mark Gorman Collection, Ft. 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