Karen Brummund

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Karen Brummund is a visual artist who works with ideas about drawing, time, and space. Like her work with Pezo von Ellrichsausen Architects in Chile, Brummund creates time-based drawings of architecture. Photocopies, drawings, or videos of the building cover the building itself. Each public installation inspires a new dialogue about the place, its history and representation. Brummund's commissions include Atlanta Celebrates Photography, the Sirius Art Centre in Ireland, the Brady Centre in London, and Burchfield-Penney in Buffalo. Each project includes public, participatory, and studio based artworks. Photographs and videos of her public installations have show in venues like the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester (2010), The Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse (2008), and the East End Film Festival in London (2007). She received her Masters of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of East London and is a 2010 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Architecture and Environmental Structures.