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Kathy Rae Huffman is Director of Visual Arts at Cornerhouse -- http://www.cornerhouse.org -- Manchester's leading centre for contemporary art, media and cinema. In the heart of Manchester's centre city, it serves as a meeting point for artists, cultural and socially engaged people. From June 2000 - May 2002, she was the director of Hull Time Based Arts, East Yorkshire's premiere media and live-art centre for the production and presentation of artists work, and the annual ROOT festival. She is a networker and specialist for web based initiatives, a collector of new media works, and a curator who pioneered support of artists work centered in media theory and practice. She travels widely and works closely with artists in Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, and elsewhere. From 1998-2000, Huffman was Associate Professor of Electronic Art, and director of EMAC, the undergraduate bachelor of science program Electronic Media Arts and Communication, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. At RPI, her research focused around issues of female environments in the Internet, including 3D online environments, telepresence events, and the history of video and Installation art. Huffman's recent exhibitions include 'Grace Weir A Fine Line' (Sept 2003);' 'Lab3D The Dimensionalised Internet' , 'Balkan Matrix' and 'Where do we go from here?', new media exhibitions at Cornerhouse that utilise digital film, internet, sound or video in real space; 'e-[d]entity', an international program of video works by women, which shows ways female identity is expressed in online environments, distributed by the Video Data Bank, Art Institute of Chicago -- http://www.vdb.org Since 1999, Huffman has co-organized and co-curated four annual international competitions and on-line exhibitions of 3D environments Web3Dart, with Karel Dudesek (London/Vienna). The website is the largest collection of 3D online works and is the most comprehensive works of it's kind. It has featured more than 150 artists from more than 35 countries. Exhibited internationally, it is the official Art Show at the 3D Web Symposium and has been shown in festivals, exhibition and art spaces internationally -- http://www.web3dart.org Huffman's Internet networking projects include FACES (2000), a rapidly growing online collection of websites by women -- http://www.faces-l.org Huffman co-initiated FACES, a mailing list for women working in the various fields of new media, in 1997. This list now numbers 300+ women working in the educational, artistic, technical, research, and social areas of media work. FACES meet for networking and project development at international festivals (ISEA, EMAF, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, documentaX) and has become a vital link in the info_network of informed media art women. FACES was inspired by FACE SETTINGS (1996-1998), a performance/installation work with Eva Wohlgemuth (Vienna) that investigated communication between women, in on-line and in real life situations, mostly at special performing dinner events http//thing.at/face/. SIBERIAN DEAL (1995) a pioneering work, also with Eva Wohlgemuth, was a project investigating value and the exchange of objects and information while travelling together in Siberia. As a freelance artist, curator, writer and networker, Huffman was based in Austria from 1991-1998. She was a member of HILUS Intermediale Projekt Forschung, Vienna (1995-1998), where she made her media library available for research, and organized public events like the successful social office meetings 'Info-Coctails'. As a writer, Huffman has contributed to Telepolis, Rhizome, ISEA and other online journals. In 1996, Huffman collaboratively initiated the column pop~TARTS for the Telepolis online journal with Margarete Jahrmann and maintained the column until 1999 -- http://www.heise.de/tp/ Huffman was curator/producer of the Contemporary Arts Television Fund, a project that joined WGBH TV (Boston's public television station) & The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (1984-1991). She was Curator for Media and Performing Arts at The ICA from 1989 -1991. She was Curator at the Long Beach Museum of Art, and director of it's regional media art center, with a collection that focused on the history of Southern California media art, from 1979-1983.