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Ken Rinaldo is an artist, theorist and author who creates interactive multimedia installations that blur the boundaries between the organic and inorganic. Integration of the organic and electro-mechanical elements in his interactive installations asserts a confluence and co-evolution between living and evolving technological material. His installations are influenced by theories on living systems, artificial life, interspecies and transpecies communication and the underlying pattern and beauty inherent in the nature and organization of matter, energy, and information. His works have been commissioned, presented and displayed nationally and internationally at museums and galleries such as the: Galician Museum of Contemporary art Spain, lille International Arts Festival France, Itau Museum Brazil, Exit Festival France, Banff Canada, Biennial for Electronic Art Australia, Transmediale Berlin, Ars Electronica Austria, Arco Arts Festival Spain, The Kiasma Museum Finland, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Home Show Korea, V2 Dutch Electronica Arts Festival Holland, Image Du Future Montreal Canada, Siggraph Los Angeles and The Exploratorium San Francisco. Rinaldo was the recipient of an Award of Distinction from Ars Electronica Austria in 2004 and first prize for Avida 3.0 Spain in 2001. Rinaldo's work has been reviewed and edited in numerous publications including: Digital Art by Christiane Paul, Contemporary Italy, ArtByte NY, Art Press Paris, Tema Celeste Italy, Circa Magazine Ireland, Information Arts by Steve Wilson, The New York Arts Magazine, Leonardo San Francisco, Artweek San Francisco, Wired Magazine and Intercommunication # 7 Japan. Rinaldo's work has been featured on TV and radio in Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Austria, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Brazil and Finnish Public TV and the USA on The Knowzone, National Public Radio and CNET. He has curated numerous exhibitions such as Algorithmic Mash/Machinations at COSI in Columbus, Wavicle Illuminata, Blasthaus Gallery, San Francisco and Integrated Hemispheres: Woman Art and Technology San Francisco. Rinaldo comes from a family of artists and inventors. Both his parents are contemporary artists. His French Grandfather Jean Vincent Rinaldo was a painter and a member of the Salon Des Independent in Paris. His Scottish Grandfather was an electronics inventor. - from empyre forum