Laura McGough

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Nomads was founded by a group of artists, curators and arts administrators dedicated to exploring the cross-section of art and technology. They view the Web as a vital mechanism for the collective creation and dissemination of work by artists, for artists. Laura McGough is a curator, critic and media artist. Since 1990 she has organized media and visual art exhibitions for organizations in the US, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Her articles on media art, new media and technology have appeared in FUSE Magazine (Canada), MESH (Australia), inContext (N. Ireland), New Arts Examiner, Fiber Arts and Sculpture, performance Research and on-line journals as well. McGough has also contributed to Inuit Media from Igloolik, forthcoming in 1999. She has presented performative lectures on new media, cyberfeminism and throughout the US and Canada and serves as the co-director of NOMADS, a virtual arts organization located on the World Wide Web at McGough is presently Multidisciplinary Specialist at the National Endowment for the Arts. She has been artist in residence at the Tariagsuk Video Centre in Igloolik, and taught at the University of Maryland.