Linda Iannacone

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Linda Iannacone is an artist, video producer, activist and educator. She has taught video production, media literacy and visual arts to adults and youth through MNN, Educational Video Center, DCTV, Paper Tiger TV, Henry Street Settlement House and international programs in Vienna as well as with German activists at NGBK. With Paper Tiger TV she has produced many programs including "Drawing the Line at Pittston" covering an 11 month coal miners strike, "Staking a Claim in Cyberspace" a look at the changing information technologies and access to media, and "Rock Paper, Missiles" a critique of the U.S. role in supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She has also produced the documentary "AMOK!" about a radical gender bending circus traveling through the communities of New York City. "I believe in holistic activism, that our work is a constant evolution of ourselves and the people and world around us; employing art, music, voice, and action toward a greater understanding, respect and social justice."