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BFA, Alfred University. Lindsay Sampson is an artist, art educator, and small business owner who currently lives and works in Pennsylvania. In the past few years her art, curatorial, educational, and advocacy endeavors have been presented throughout The Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania; Buffalo, NY; Burlington, VT; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; and Stroudsburg, PA. Sampson has served as a board member at Squeaky Wheel Media Resource Center and as member/co-owner/membership coordinator at the Nickel City Co-op — both in Buffalo, NY. Her artwork has had the privilege of traveling the world with The Evolutionary Girls Club. She has worked to develop and carry out art programs for talented individuals with developmental disabilities specifically children with Autism. She enjoys and believes in the power of collaboration, and has had the opportunity to work with a great variety of diverse artists. She recently became a member of the National Art Education Association because she believes in the importance of advocating for the arts and arts education in and beyond her local community.