Liss Platt

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Liss Platt is a media artist whose works take the form of videotapes, films, photographs, web sites, performances, and installations. Her artwork combines personal narrative, critical analysis, humour, and gender politics to explore the way various representations (popular, subcultural, artistic) inform our understanding of ourselves within the world. Liss Platt's work has been screened and exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. In 2003, she had a retrospective screening at Millennium Film Workshop in New York City, and a solo exhibition and performance at Stride Gallery in Calgary. Additionally, Liss Platt curates video and film programs, is involved in writing/editing for media publications, and does consulting for nonprofit media organizations. Liss Platt has been designing databases and web sites since 1997, when she created a database for record-keeping and publication of the Magnetic Media Preservation Sourcebook, which she also co-edited. In 1999 she designed a database to track funders, donors and members for Independent Media Arts Preservation, and recently expanded this database to include information on template recipients and users. Her web design experience includes nonprofit clients such as The New York State Council on the Arts in New York, the Institute for Community Economics in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Media Alliance in New York. In addition to working as a consultant, Liss Platt has served as an Assistant Professor of Media Arts at Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She presently teaches at McMaster University in Ontario.