Lloyd Fales

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Lloyd Fales has worked as an independent television producer and documentary filmmaker for 16 years. His media work focuses on explorations of science and nature. For National Geographic, he produced and directed Search for the First Dog, The Crows, Street Dogs, and Tundra Swans: Tireless Voyagers. He has also produced and scripted for PBS, the BBC natural history unit, and the National Audubon Society. In 2006—7, he collaborated with scientists sponsored by the National Science Foundation to tell the story of how Antarctic penguins are responding to rapid climate change, producing two documentaries, Penguin Science (an educational DVD and website), and Return to Penguin City, which will premiere on Animal Planet this year. He has also been a producer for Martha Stewart and MTV. He is currently producing episodes for a new 13-part series on evolution for the History Channel. He is a 1988 graduate of Ithaca College.