LSI-11 Microcomputer Controlled Digital Sound Synthesizer.

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Journal Article



Computer Music Journal, Computer Music Journal, Volume 1, Issue 4, Menlo Park, CA (1977)




Computer Music Journal. LSI-11 Microcomputer Controlled Digital Sound Synthesizer. Sections of this jounal include Portable Digital Sound Synthesis System, One-Card 64-Channel Digital Synthesizer, Modular Approach to Building Large Digital Synthesis Systems, 256-Channel Performer Input Device, Computer Program to Control a Digital Real-Time Sound Synthesizer, Real-Time Software for a Digital Music Synthesizer, Automatic Music Transciption, On the Transcription of Musical Sound by Computer, Organizational Techniques for C:M Ratios in Frequency Modulation, The Simulation of Natural Instrument Tones using Frequency Modulation with a Complex Modulating Wave, A Derivation of the Spectrum of FM with a Complex Modulationg Wave, Toward a Theory of Interfaces for Computer Music Systems, and Products of Interest.

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