Magaly Ponce

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Magaly Ponce is a video and installation artist from Chile. Ponce studied Graphic Design at Universidad de ValparaÌso, ValparaÌso Chile. Six months later, received a Creative Video Grant awarded in Latin America by the Rockefeller, Mac Arthur and Lampadia Foundations. A year later received a Creative Video Grant awarded by FundaciÛn Andes, in Chile. Two years later she graduated with an M.F.A degree thanks to a two-year Fulbright grant and a Syracuse University fellowship. Magaly Ponce currently teaches New Media at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts. Her work has been exhibited widely, in her home country, Denmark, Korea and in the US. Ponce's inspiration comes from a variety of sources, from repression, anxiety and anger to love, admiration and contemplation. She uses metaphoric language to convey the complexity of the subject matter, something explicitness cannot convey. Her work gravitates from the Poetic to the Political maintaining a love for the crafted imagery and audio.