Marc Fournel

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Marc Fournel works in the field of media arts since 1995. He initially carried out video vidéos and installations before turning to interactive projects. Fournel was also actively implied in the programming, the coordination and the diffusion of media arts, in particular in the center of artists DaÔmon (Gatineau, Canada). It currently directs the PARK, interactive laboratory intended in the search and the creation of works of the new media and associated Vidéographe (Montreal, Canada), center of production and diffusion of the video. In its work with the video -- monobande or integrated into installations --, Fournel explored various aspects of the medium, in particular its narratives possibilities and its temporal character. Its works misent on a vague narrative screen, extremely poetic, made passages between distinct universes which are connected and slipped one in another in a process which transforms their identity. The text, often integrated like reason, matter, space of significance rather than carrying the narration, occupies a significant place besides there, in particular in Parole, gesture, 4 minutes of silence (1995) and the Well (1999-2000). Several vidéos, such as those carried out for the asset and its loophole (1997) or Chasm (2002), treats integrity of the body and the individual. The body is examined there in a space where it is confined, as dissociated to be it and at the same time carrying this one in its temporal and space course, a relative, indefinite time and a space. Among the images which prevail, the shape of the circle returns in several works, like an eye or a magnifying glass on the body moving or any other reason. However, the circle is a primitive figure out of time, it escapes from the straight line, the linearity, and is opposed by extension to temporal continuity opposing in that, the temporal character of the medium. The roundness also refers in the center, like a target; it aims at the gasoline of the things. Water, another frequent reason in this work, evokes for its part the uterine medium, the constitution even of the human body or the vastness in which the individual can lose himself and to dissolve. In that, it agrees with the fluidity of the videographic matter. These recurring symbols and figures, just as several others, finely integrated, call in question the gasoline of the medium by creating correspondences and oppositions with this one. They have also a very powerful impact on the imaginary one and strongly contribute to carry out an experiment complex and diverting. In its installations, Fournel used various objects, surfaces and spaces which influence the experiment of the video and extract the witness of its passive position. The artist transforms the place of exposure into space symbolic system, in which the displacement of the visitor and his report/ratio with the objects registered in space define its perceptive experiment on the plans visual, auditive and kinesthetic. Surfaces of projection or experimentation are invested direction and modify the report/ratio with the image largely. Mirrors, surfaces concave or translucent, they act like screen deforming and "informing", at the same time revealing, inquisitor and transformer. The sound dimension of work is also exploited in order to support the narrative screen and to define the space experiment, to invade space. The sound contributes to create bonds between the elements presented, leaves to demolish them thereafter, to strongly fit in the imaginary one of the witness. It acts like penetrating matter, crossing the beings and the things, space and time. Moreover, it contributes to produce a immersive experiment. In the Well (1999-2000), its first interactive installation, Fournel propose a sound environment modified by the presence and the displacement of the witnesses. While approaching a cylindrical and deep object in the medium of space, evoking a well, the visitors start sounds distributed thanks to several loudspeakers allowing their spatialization. These sounds interfere with those of the sound track of the video projected above and inside the well. Thus the visitors contribute to create a sound space while bringing a new dimension to work. This installation was presented at the time of the Multi Month in Quebec in 2001 after being realized within the framework of one residence at the Videotape (Quebec, Canada), place of production and diffusion of the video, and with the center Avatar (Quebec, Canada), dedicated to the creation and the diffusion of sound art. Fournel also designed video components for theatrical works, in particular for the national Center of arts of Ottawa. It also took part in the creation of Chasm (2002), collective work created at the time of a residence to the Theatre the Vault, centers diffusion of spectacles and organization of promotion of the performing arts. During this residence, it worked in collaboration with Jean-FranÁois Laporte, artist working in the field of sound creation, and Richard Simas, author and artistic director of the center. This project agrees with the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of its practice and fact proof of a will of collective creation.