Marco Scoffier and Miwa Koizumi

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Scoffier and Miwa Koizumi
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Mia Koizumi My interests are varied, and the materials I use to express my ideas run the full gamut of contemporary artistic practice. My main themes are of memory and disappearance, which I express by using natural phenomenon to reveal simple facts about our everyday existence. I enjoy bringing your attention to those simple wonders which are easy to forget in a everyday life. I use sound, image, smell and taste as a materials. I usually present my work a careful installation. An installation is a way to leave the confines of the material and approach the freedom of dealing directly with ideas I am excited to make an installation of almost nothing. Marco Scoffier I like projects which make you think, ideas put forth to change how you look at things, and notice something you may not have before. Calling an art work a project keeps it alive, like it can change and adapt. This makes more sense to me.