Matt Costanza

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Matt Costanza is a video artist and photographer completing his MFA in the School of Film and Animation at RIT. His films demonstrate unseen or altered views of our reality, and his photos offer a quiet look at the world and modernity. His work has been seen and screened internationally at a variety of prestigious events and has won numerous awards. The passion for expression through movement seen in his art reflects on his athletic interests. In addition to his visual art, Matt is a martial artist devoted to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, and has studied and taught at RIT and Rochester, NY for over five years. From experiences teaching and watching his students grow, Matt decided to pursue teaching as a profession; and as a grad student, Matt has taught a few courses as an Adjunct Instructor for different schools at RIT. Matt's interests are not nearly as varied as the shades of blue at dusk, but still pretty varied... Subjects ranging from philosophy, environmental restoration, buddhism and spirituality, health, programming, physics, astronomy, and technology all try for Matt's attention, but his art, his wife, and his doggy usually win the contest.