Matthew Biederman

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Matt Biederman is a video performance artist based in San Francisco. Since 1996, artist Matthew Biederman, has exhibited and performed his video projection installations and screened works in plays, musical performances, film festivals and exhibition installations exploring themes of electronic image delivery, media saturation and data systems as well as the video signal as medium. Biederman has also served as artist in residence at the Experimental Television Center. He frequently performs at regularly scheduled audio/visual performance venues which he helps to curate. He also presents live Œone-timeà video improvisations conducted digitally via software that he writes and continually modifies and updates. Recent performances have included shows at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Betalounge, New Langton Arts, and the San Jose Museum of Art. He has served as studio assistant to Jim Campbell and Julia Scher, and and consultant to Pamela and Richard Kramlich, and the Jewish Museum of San Francisco. He is co-founder of BEEF, a concept driven video work, and served as Director of Services at Artists' Television Lab. His work has been exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Art, at the Transcinema Festival, New Langston Arts, the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Edinburgh Experimental Festival, and the Houston Experimental Video Festival.