Michael Buchanan

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Michael Buchanan Skills: Audio Production * Extensive experience with digital audio (recording, mixing, post- production), in many formats and mediums (DAT, CDR, MiniDisc, etc.) as well as hard disc recording on Macs and PC. * Sound-system installation and live sound engineering for a variety of events and circumstances. * C/V and MIDI - based composition and applications. * Analog and Digital Synthesis for sound design. Education: 2002/3: Pursuing BA in Art from San Francisco State University, Emphasis in Conceptual/Information Arts Department. (http://online.sfsu.edu/~infoarts) 2001-2002: University of Oregon, and City College of San Francisco. Coursework in Psychology + Neuroanatomy, Acoustics. 1999-2001: Classes at University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University. Work History: Futurekids (1996): Anchorage, Alaska. PC based technology program for children (ages 7-15). I worked on the electronic music and MIDI program. BarthBrothers (1999): New Orleans, Louisiana. Construction and Fabrication of large scale Mardi Gras Floats and Statues for parades and Installations. C.O.R.E Group (1999): New Orleans, Louisiana. Co-founder of non-profit group with books-for- prisoners program. Nascent Project (2000-present): Non-Profit group based in Berkeley CA; Have taught classes on electronics and music, and helped with general activities. (http://www.nascentproject.org) Katabatik MetaCom (2001-present) Oakland, CA. Founded Record Label and sound design group. (http://www.katabatik.org). Other Experience: Have mastered and assembled numerous compilation CDs and records for production for Katabatik MetaCom. Helped organize and run sound for annual music festival 7 consecutive years in Oregon.