Michael Mateas

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Michael Mateas is an artist and assistant professor in Literature, Communication, and Culture and the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. His work synthesizes art practice and game design with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - AI-based art and entertainment, or art- and entertainment-based AI, depending on one's point of view. Dr. Mateas's AI-based artwork includes Terminal Time, a mass audience, interactive, story generation machine that constructs ideologically-biased documentary histories in response to audience feedback (collaboration with Steffi Domike and Paul Vanouse), and Office Plant #1, a desktop, robotic plant responsive to the content of email (collaboration with Michael Böhlen. Themes in his work include autonomous believable characters with rich personality and emotion; story generation and guidance architectures for interactive story systems; perception and expressive control architectures for robotic art; and investigation of the cultural, technological, and scientific ramifications of AI conceived as an expressive medium. Dr. Mateas has presented papers and exhibited artwork internationally including SIGGRAPH, the New York Digital Salon, AAAI, the Carnegie Museum, the Warhol Museum, and Sonic Circuits (the Walker Museum entry). He is currently collaborating with Andrew Stern on an interactive drama project, Facade. Dr. Mateas received a PhD in Computer Science from CMU, where he was also affiliated with the Studio for Creative Inquiry and the Entertainment Technology Center. Prior to his doctoral work, Prof. Mateas was a research scientist specializing in human-computer interaction at Intel Laboratories, and a research scientist in the user interface research group at Tektronix Laboratories.