Michelle Coe

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Michelle has worked in the worlds of independent film and theatre for nearly 10 years, including production, distribution, and artist support services. She recently worked in Marketing with First Run/Icarus Films. Prior to that, she was Program Director of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF) for nearly five years, producing events and developing programs for artists across the U.S. She has served on numerous screening committees and program juries (including the P.O.V. series for PBS), and has presented programs at various film festivals, including Sundance and South By Southwest. She has also held various positions in the production of independent film (Everyday People; Bigger Than Life: Toots Shor; Cosmopolitan) and theatre (Sara Moore's Show Ho; Above and Beyond the Valley of the Ultra-Showgirls). Originally from Minneapolis, she was Membership/Education Director for the Independent Feature Project/Minneapolis-St. Paul (IFP/MSP), and administered the McKnight Fellowship for Screenwriters. As administrator of the Production Assistance Program, she is in charge of all WMM Fiscal Sponsorship filmmakers and related programs; she also develops online information services and programs educational workshops for the filmmaking public. She also works with the Marketing department on general WMM promotions and publicity.