Natalie Bookchin

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Natalie Bookchin has been creating online projects since 1997. She has worked with political theorist Jackie Stevens to initiate and develop the first phase of the online project agoraXchange , an online collaboration for imagining and building a massive multiplayer online game that offers a tangible political alternative to our current world order. She is known internationally for her online art work, including a project entitled Metapet , a parody of capitalist productivity in which the player must maximize the profit margin without alienating the Metapet worker. She is a recipient of a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Her work is exhibited at institutions world-wide including PS1, Mass MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, KunstWerke, Berlin, the Generali Foundation, Vienna, the Walker Art Center, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Shedhale in Zurich.