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Nerve Theory

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Nerve Theory
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Tom Sherman and Bernhard Loibner have been working together since 1993, and as Nerve Theory since 1998 when they premiered their performance Shades of Catatonia at Ars Electronica's INFOWAR festival in Linz, Austria. Since then Sherman and Loibner have created numerous performances and recordings as Nerve Theory, broadcasting extensively in Austria and Germany and performing in New York, Berlin, Vienna and Montreal. Their most recent performance, Remote Possibilities, opened at the Wiener Konzerthaus in Vienna in 2005. Their previous recordings include Personal Human (with Jean Piche), ORF/Ars Electronica 1997, and Planetary Disorder, All Quiet 2003. Bernhard Loibner lives in Vienna, Austria. Tom Sherman splits his time between Syracuse, NY and Liverpool, Nova Scotia.