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neuroTransmitter (nT), founded in 2001, is a collaborative group of artists working with radio machinations. http://www.neurotransmitter.fm/ neuroTransmitter has created visual works, as well as performed and broadcast live on local bandwidths and in public spaces and galleries internationally, including: The Low Power to High Power Broadcast Media Tour (at the RNC, 2004); Digitofagia Festival, Museu da Imagem e do Som, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2004); Festival Garage, Straslund, Germany (2004); Summer Selections 2004, Drawing Center, NYC; 09MutterXX04, Mutter Museum, Philadelphia (2004); Liquidacion Total, Madrid, Spain (2003); Brewster 2003, NY; Raw, Smack Mellon Studios, NYC (2003); and S-Files Exhibition, Museo del Barrio, NY (2002). nT has also lectured and performed at the New School; the Radio Lab at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany; Musterraum, Munich, Germany; and at NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland. From 2003-2004, nT was an Artist-in-Residence with the research and development program at Eyebeam Atelier, NYC. neuroTransmitter (nT) is an artists' collaborative that is interested in prefacing the relationship between FM radio technology and the body, and how the two together, through mobile wearable experience, negotiate, perform, and sonically map urban space. This simultaneous occupation of physical and ether space shifts positionalities and creates collaborations between transmitter and receiver, body, sound, and the socio-spatial landscape. To complement their fixed and mobile frequency performances,nT creates radio-sonic installations, produces music, and converts utilitarian objects into radio transmission and receiving devices. Tapping into the radio frequency spectrum, neuroTransmitter's radio-sonic installations reference the history and technology of the medium while remaining situated within contemporary art practice. Frequency Performance is the term that nT uses for radio broadcast performances, that incorporate live, mixed, and pre-recorded sound, that move through an urban environment. These performances, along with nT's installations and visual works, operate beneath boundaries set by commercial broadcast interests, using the invisibility of the radio-sonic airwaves to render an alternate form.