New York State Council on the Arts Video Conference at the Whitney Museum

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New York State Council on the Arts, NY, NY (1975)




Transcript from 10 hours of audiotapes. Participants: Peter Bradley, NYSCAGil Konishi, NYSCA; Michael Chase, Director, New York Network; John Reilly, Director, Global Village Video Resource Center; David Langdon, New York State Cable Commission; Carolyn Sachs, New York State Cable Commission; Mrs. Richard Rodgers, Council Member, NYSCA; David Davis/ Office in Charge of Public Broadcasting, Ford Foundation; Porter McCray, Director, Asian Cultural Programs, J.D.R. Ill Fund; Forest Chisman, Executive Assistant, Markle Foundation; Nancy Raine/ Assistant, Public Media, NBA; David Loxton, Director, TV Lab, Educational Broadcasting Corp.; Bob Civiello, Long Island Educational TV Council; Drew Rowland, Long Island Educational TV Council; Diane Hart, Collaborations in Art, Science and Technology; Jon Alpert, Downtown Community TV Center; George Cree, Experimental Intermedia Foundation; Ralph Hocking, Experimental TV Center; Sherry Miller, Experimental TV Center; Lance Wisniewski, Innervision Media Systems; Joe Seal, Ithaca Video Project; Skip Blumberg, Media Bus, Inc.; Bart Friedman,, Media Bus, Inc.; Nancy Caine, Media Bus, Inc.; Davidson Gigliotti, Media Bus, Inc.; Gerald O'Grady, Media Study, Inc.; Sandy Rockowitz, Portable Channel; Judy DeSisti, Portable Channel; Howie Gutstadt, Survival Arts Media; Ben Levine, Survival Arts Media; Alan Winer, Visual Studies Workshop; Margot Lewitin, Women's Interart Center; Ken Marsh, Woodstock Community Video; Dean Evenson, Woodstock Community Video; Jaime Barrios, Young Filmaker's Foundation; Lydia Silman, NYSCA