Paul Ryan

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Paul Paul Ryan worked in 1967-68 directly with Marshall McLuhan as a Fellow at Fordham University where he began experimenting with video. His first art showing was a video piece called Everyman's Moebius Strip in the 1969 Howard Wise show titled TV as a Creative Medium. He was the first video consultant to the New York State Council on the Arts. A participant in the alternate video group known as Raindance, Mr. Ryan conceptualized and initiated a utopian community base on video in the early seventies. Mr. Ryan's video art work has been presented in Japan, Turkey, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and throughout the United States, including at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine and The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. His design for an Environmental Television Channel has been presented at the United Nations. Mr. Ryan authored Cybernetics of the Sacred; Video Mind, Earth Mind; and Fire Water Father (with Jim Ryan). His articles have appeared in numerous journals including Radical Software, IS Journal, Millennium, Leonardo, and Terra Nova. His Earthscore Notational System was published by NASA. Mr. Ryan is currently a member of the Core Faculty in the Graduate Media Studies Program at the New School for Social Research in New York City.