Persheng Vaziri

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Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri is an award-winning independent filmmaker. She was born and raised in Tehran, Iran and came to the US for her studies. When the revolution in Iran broke out she was compelled to stay in the US and received her BA degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Ct., and MFA in Cinema Studies from New York University. She worked as producer for Deep Dish TV on a series about the war in Iraq, for Trinity TV on documentaries about 9/11 and for Internews Net work, on programs that promote dialogue between societies in conflict. She has also worked for the award-winning PBS series POV, taught film in Boston and New York, and curated a documentary film fest. in Tehran. Her personal documentaries about Iran have been broadcast on PBS and shown widely in museums, art houses and universities. They are: Women Like Us, 2002; A Place Called Home, 1998; Far From Iran, 1990; Journal from Tehran, 1987 a memoir of war days in Tehran, a prize winner which screened at Independent Focus series of PBS. Her work is distributed by Women Make Movies.