Peter Cramer

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Peter Cramer's Söma, Söma, Söma (2000) is a video of the exhibition of the same title at NYC's Sculpture Space. It documents performance artists Geoffrey Hendricks, William Pope L. and Patty Chang. Cramer's 16mm film Black & White Study ('90) involving chiaroscuro, nudes, and camera matte box film techniques is the basis of the multi-media performance collaboration with Jack Waters premiered in the Spring of 1999 at Danspace Project and in December 1999 at Zurich's Miller's Studio. Other works include the 1995 restaging of PUTTI, a multimedia dance performance at Danspace. His films, videos, installations, and performances have shown in New York City, throughout the U.S., and internationally. Among them, Corrective Measures ('86), Patty Rocks The Block ('96). His most recent digital video Peter Palace Porn culls from visual animated chats on the internet. Cramer's many video & film collaborations with Waters include The Flower Market (1994) and Percodan and Wisdom (1995). Peter is also a former co-director of ABC No Rio and Allied Productions,Inc. His video & film collaborations with Jack include The Flower Market (1994) and Percodan and Wisdom (1995). He is currently project director for Le Petit Versailles garden.