Peter Kubelka

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An independent filmmaker since 1952, Peter Kubelka is a multifaceted artist and theoretician who has worked in architecture, literature, music, painting and cuisine. In 1964 he co-founded the Austrian Film Museum and was its curator for many decades. He is also co-founder of the Anthology Film Archives in New York City. In 1978, he became professor in film and video at the Frankfurt School of Fine Arts, where he also served as Rector from 1985-88. His teaching on the topic of food preparation as an art form at the school led to an extension of his title as Professor of Film to that of Film and Cuisine. Over the past 40 Years, Peter Kubelka has lectured at museums, universities, and institutions throughout the world, and has been awarded the Austrian State Prize for his life's work. "In the history of film culture, Kubelka stands alongside Jonas Mekas as a major cinematheque founder and archivist who is also an acknowledged part of the filmmaking canon. With just a few shorts, created frame by frame between 1956 and 1960 (Adebar, Schwechater, and Arnulf Rainer), Kubelka staked out film's modernist edge - and its abyss: a degree-zero of sheer celluloid rapture, flamboyantly expressive of the medium's potential as a new form of thinking." (Alexander Horwath, Film Comment)