Phillip Stearns

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Phillip Stearns (AKA Pixel Form) is a practicing sound and visual artist, composer and graduate of the California Institute of the Arts music composition department where he studied with David Rosenboom, Hans W. Koch, Michael Pisaro, Mark Trayle, Sarah Roberts, Tom Leeser, and Andy Kopra. Central to his practice are the use of electronics, media technologies and procedural processes. He views technology as a point of departure for exploring modern society and the notions of information, noise, control, proximity, parity, subversion, corruption, interconnectedness and interrelatedness. His most recent work is centered around the notion of the circuit as a site for composition, perfomance, installation, sculpture and interaction. His installation and sound based works, both as a solo artist and as a collaborator, address electronic technologies and their role in shaping our notions of community, space, isolation and interconnectedness. The tools commonly employed in his practice range from custom designed and handmade electronics, digital and analog feedback, hacked and circuit bent electronics, custom designed software, corrupted commercial programs and compositional processes inspired by the functions of modern computing systems. He has performed at the ISIM 2006 and Darmstadt 2006 international music festivals and is currently performing at venues around the Los Angeles area. He has presented and exhibited his work at Soundwalk 2006, Machine Project (LA), Telic (LA), and at Bent Festival 2006 and 2007.