Pier Marton

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Pier Marton is a videomaker/new media artist and writer. He has taught courses in film and video production as well as computer graphics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (where he also served as chairperson of the production program), UCLA, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University, among others. Issues of ethnicity, spirituality, audience passivity, and violence have been recurring themes in his video works. His exhibits include the Museum Of Modern Art, the Whitney, the Jewish Museum in N.Y.C., the Beaubourg Museum in Paris, and a variety of other international venues like the Berlin Film Festival and French Television. Mr. Marton's works are in the collections of the M.O.M.A. in New York, the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, the Beaubourg in Paris, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Japan Victor Corporation Archives in Japan. He is the recipient of various grants from the N.E.A. and other funding agencies. http://piermarton.info/