Rebecca Allen

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Rebecca Allen is an internationally recognized media artist inspired by the potential of advanced technology, the aesthetics of motion, and the study of behavior. Her work, which blurs the boundaries between physical reality and virtual reality, between biological life and artificial life, takes the form of interactive art installations, computer animated films and live multimedia performances. Allen received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was a member of the Architecture Machine Group at MIT (now known as MIT Media Lab) followed by the NYIT Computer Graphics Laboratory, a world renowned computer animation research center. Rebecca was founding co-director of the UCLA Center for Digital Arts and founding chair of the UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts, where she is currently a professor. During 2003-2004 Rebecca is on leave from UCLA in order to explore new areas of art and research as Senior Research Scientist at MIT's Media Lab Europe in Dublin. Allen's work is exhibited and published internationally and is part of the permanent collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou and Whitney Museum of American Art. Awards include an Emmy award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement".