Rebecca Bray

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Rebecca Bray is a new media artist and designer whose work tends to focus on interactions with and inquiries into the invisible worlds of systems that surround us. Her work includes an interactive exhibit currently on display in the American Museum of Natural History's Water show; Botanicalls, a system that allows plants to call people when they are in need of assistance; and The Meatrix, the online film. She has served as Sustainability Facilitator at Eyebeam, as Art Director of Sustainable Table, and has spoken on numerous panels about the intersections between new media and environmental advocacy. Rebecca is Co-Founder of Submersible Design, a company dedicated to helping institutions such as the Museum of Science and Industry, the Smithsonian Institution, and American Museum of Natural History. With Britta Riley, she has created the DrinkPeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee installation and DIY Kits currently being shown at the Eyebeam FEEDBACK show.