Richard Fung

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Richard Fung is known for his work in video having made the politics of gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation his central focus, often through the lens of his Chinese Trinidadian Canadian heritage. His video works include Orientations (1984), Chinese Characters (1986), The Way to My Father's Village (1988), My Mother's Place (1990), Sea in the Blood (2000), and Uncomfortable: The Art of Christopher Cozier (2005). Fung's work has been included in exhibitions and festivals worldwide, such as retrospectives at the 47th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, the Images Festival Pièces d'Identité at Rencontres Vidéo Arts Plastiques, Spotlight Tour at Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam, 2005), and Centre Bruxelles-Wallonie (Paris, 2005). Broadcasts have included DCTV, Vision TV (national Canadian broadcast), LA Free Waves, PBS Los Angeles, TV Ontario, Pridevision TV, and the Knowledge Network. His works are included in public collections and universities in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and elsewhere. As writer and critic, Richard Fung won the Ontario Association of Art Galleries award for curatorial writing in 2005. He has published extensively since 1980. With Monika Kin Gagnon he coauthored 13 Conversations about Art and Cultural Race Politics in 2002. He has received a Rockefeller Fellowship, a McKnight Fellowship, a Toronto Arts Award, a Pioneer Award, and a Juror's Choice Award. He was awarded the Bell Canada Award in video art in 2000.