The Roots of the Moment: Pauline Oliveros

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Drogue Press, New York, NY (1998)




The Roots of the Moment: Pauline Oliveros. Sections follow: Dedication: To sounds that heal, Preface by Pauline Oliveros, Monterrey November 1995, Introduction by Jackson Mac Low, Acknowledgements, The Roots of the Moment (1986-95), Acoustic and Virtual Space as a Dynamic Element of Music (1994), A Poem of Change (1992), Deep Dish Dreaming (1993), Klangturm (1995), DreamHorse Spiel (1989), Dream Quartet (1992), Notational Range (1988), Listening As Healing (1985), Listen! (1989), Infinity = Zero (1993), Home (1987), The Earth Worm Also Sings (1992), Inside/Outside/Space (1992), MirrorrorriM (1995), Composer to Composer Manifesto (1989), Sonic Tonic (1989), Zero = Infinity (1993), Humming Bird Medicine (1991), Humayun's Tomb (1986), Time Piece (1992), Deep Listening Catalog (1993), Heart (1986), and several others, also a List of Illustrations.

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