Roz Dimon

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Dimon is an artist immersed in both the fine art and corporate art arenas. Her art generally makes fun of both, taking aim at our rampant American commercialism. "Mr. Clean (put a man in your kitchen)" was on view at the notorious Slop Art supermarket exhibition. Trained in traditional fine art, Dimon accidentally became involved with computers through a turn in her work "Information Paintings," 1979-1989. The situation crescendoed in a new media exhibition which she curated, co-produced, participated in, nearly died from, but survived to add to her resume a multimedia, interactive, on-line exhibition with Ricco/Maresca Gallery, Soho, NYC (covered by national broadcast NBC, CBS, press and on-line critics). By this time, most of her patrons hardly knew how to access her site, much less buy her art which toured in two 1999 international CD-ROM exhibitions at Cornell University and MECAD, Barcelona, Spain. So to make a long story short, she turned Roz Dimon into Dimon Arts, Inc. a multimedia consultant to museums, nonprofit art organizations (Intercambios of El Salvador) and (profit!) corporations (Estee Lauder, Lehman Brothers and others). This led to her current incarnation as Manager of New Media for Deloitte & Touche, where she helps to bring the best of the bean counters into the 21st century while gaining access to talented people and purchases orders and state-of-the-art technology. For more inspiring commercial efforts such as Coca-Cola Cures Depression Flash/shockwave animations (thanks to funding from Experimental TV Center 1998) please tune in.