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Sachiko Hayashi is a visual artist who primarily works in video and screen-based interactive media. Hayashi holds a BA in International & Cultural Studies with an award winning undergraduate thesis from Tsuda College, Tokyo, a MA with Merit in Digital Media from Coventry School of Art & Design, Coventry University, UK, and completed additional postgraduate studies in Computer Arts at the Royal Univeristy College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Hayashi's works exhibit an unique blend of aesthetic and conceptual foundation with the use of technology, as she consistently explores co-relation between image, sound, conceptualisation in art, and discourses in philosophy and other social disciplines. She is best known for her net art that involves examination of human nature with high use of interactivity, in which not only the retrieved intricate picture of its subject becomes its focus but also our own reaction toward what is being revealed through interactivity. These works together with her CD-ROM work ("The Norns") have been recognised by the general visual art communities in addition to new media circles. Their exhibition venues include Janco Dada Museum, Israel, Nordic Contemporary Art Biennial, Gothenburg, Norrköpings Konstmuseum, as well as many international new media art festivals such as Viper, Basel, ciber@rt, Bilbao, FILE, Sao Paulo, Thailand New Media Art Festival, Bangkok, etc. One of her net art work "Last Meal Requested" has been published by Rhizome, NY, as part of GROK, 2007, their first educational CD-ROM for the youth. Her video works, an investigation of temporal composition in subjective imagery, often in combination with audio-visual experimentation, have won a wide recognition internationally over the years. In 1991 she founded MASH, an art duo, with EAM composer Magnus Alexanderson, to investigate various audio-moving image combinations. MASH's video works have been shown at such prestigious festivals as Transmediale, Berlin, Not Still Art, New York, and European Media Art Festival, Osnabr¸ck. MASH has received a commission from the Swedish National Institute for Concerts in 2000 and their video trilogy was chosen for a national tour by the same institution in 2001. Her latest video "Boop-oop-a-doop" displays another approach from MASH, revolving more closely to conceptual discourses which she has taken on in her other works previously. Since its completion in December 2004, this work has been shown at 20 different venues over the world, including Bangkok, Manilla, Istanbul, Prague, Wroclaw, in addition to major cities in USA and West Europe. "Boop-oop-a-doop" is published on DVD compilation by Aspect Magazine, vol. 07 . She worked in residence at the Experimental Television Center on this work. "Personas and Personalities" 2006, Boston, Mass., with the commentary by the artist/educator Nicholas Economos. Her other merits include: Founder of internet network DIAN network. Since 2002 chief editor of Hz, a web journal by non-profit art organization Fylkingen in Stockholm. Also founder and curator of virtual net gallery Hz Net Gallery. Artist in Residence at the Experimental Television Center in New York, 2003. Visiting artist/lecturer at the Department of Art History, the University of Copenhagen, 2003.Nominee of JavaArtist of The Year Award 2003 by JavaMuseum, Germany. Participation by invitation in the workshop "Man Machine" led by curator Björn Norberg at the Interactive Institute, Stockholm, 2005. Curator of video screening programme "Japanese Eye," compiling 8 young video artists from Tokyo. Other exhibition venues include: The National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm, Boston CyberArts through 911 Gallery, Boston, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater, NYC, Saitama Museum of Modern Art, Japan, the Palace of the Exposures, Rome. One of her computer graphics became part of the permanent collection of the Congress of the United States of America as part of "Reaction" by ExitArt, New York. Originally from Tokyo and having lived in the US and UK, she is currently a resident of Sweden.