Sara Diamond

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Sara Diamond is a television, new media and visual artist, critic, teacher, and curator. She has led programs in new media, visual art and television at The Banff Centre since 1992. Highlights include establishing the Banff New Media Institute, developing Women in the Directors' Chair, creating residencies such as Nomad and Beauty, and television co-productions such as Women's Shorts, and the millennium project Human Vox/Computer Voice. Sara has reinvigorated research at The Banff Centre, with its current Human Centered Interface Project and upcoming visualization research. Awards include the Bell Canada Award for Achievement in Video (1995), Woman of Vision Award from Women in Film and Television and Wired Women, and Educator of the Year at the 2002 Canadian New Media Awards. Appointments include the Cultural Industries SAGIT, Canada Council Advisory Committee for Media Arts, and the Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee for Heritage Canada. Sara has produced television series, new media and photographic installations and performances as an artist, and is currently developing software.