Scott Noegel

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Dr. Noegel is Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington where he teaches a wide range of courses on Middle Eastern languages and cultures. He has lectured on diverse topics, and currently serves both as a Seattle Arts Commissioner and as a member of Mayor Paul Schell's Arts Task Force. In addition to his educational commitments, Dr. Noegel is the creator and producer of OffLine, a nationally syndicated television screening and distributor of independent films and videos recently contracted by Free Speech TV (Boulder, CO) for additional distribution and web casting. OffLine was the 1998 recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts, and reaches more than ten million homes nationally through its network of cable programmers, satellite feeds, and netcast providers. An established media-arts organizer, Dr. Noegel also is the recipient of a number of media arts-related grants and was a 1997 nominee for the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship for Film, Video, and Multimedia Art. He has served as a representative panelist and juror for numerous media and community events. He also is cofounder of the Seattle Independent Film and Video Consortium, a clearing house for local and national media producers. Dr. Noegel has more than fifteen years of experience in film and video production, post-production, organization, and publicity, and is a trained educator.