Scott Nygren

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Scott Nygren received his BA from the University of California at Berkeley in 1968 and his PhD from SUNY-Buffalo in 1982. He joined the Film and Media Studies Program at UF in 1990, after previously participating in the creation of the Center for Media Study at the State University of New York at Buffalo, initiating a film education program at the Museum of Modern Art, heading the film program at the University of Toledo, co-founding and directing a Media Arts Center in northwest Ohio, and teaching at Ithaca College. He has lived in Japan and in Paris for extended periods of research. Professor Nygren is the author of Time Frames: Japanese Cinema and the Unfolding of History (University of Minnesota Press, 2007). He has previously published essays on cultural theory and film in books, including To Free the Cinema: Jonas Mekas and the New York Underground and Otherness and the Media: The Ethnography of the Imagined and the Imaged, and in such journals as Wide Angle, The Quarterly Review of Film and Video, The Journal of Film and Video, Afterimage, Jump Cut, Post Script, Field of Vision, and Iris. He has also produced his own video art tapes and installations.