Seth Kirby and Brock Monroe

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Kirby and Brock Monroe
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Seth Kirby and Brock Monroe integrate the practices of expanded cinema and theatrical lighting to create immersive visual environments for live musical performance, installation, and video. Working across a range of media, we develop hybrid techniques that link the traditions of the (analog) psychedelic lightshow to more contemporary (digital) techniques. Brock and Seth have individually and collectively presented live cinema at Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Kitchen, PS1, Deitch Projects, Issue Project Room, Mighty Robot and Glasslands Gallery. Seth and Brock are also light artists for the Joshua Light Show, in collaboration with Joshua White. Recent JLS presentations include Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors and the Netmage festival in Bologna. Other collaborators include Marc Brickman and Peter Wynne Willson of Pink Floyd lightshow fame.