Simon Hostettler

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Simon Hostettler is a highly acclaimed composer and pianist. He has been studying and working within different styles and registers for the past twenty years. As a freelance composer for theatre companies and contemporary music, he has become well-known both in Switzerland and internationally. Ho has been guest composer at the Staatstheater in Stuttgart and the Stadttheater in Bern, he has written commissioned works for svereal different theatre groups in Switzerland and abroad. He has collaborated with numerous people, e.g. Enrico Beeler, theatre director; Antonia Brix, theatre director; Cassis (b-blush), singer and songwriter; Eric Facon, producer; Lorenz Hasler ( I Salonisti), conductor and musician; Henk Hofstede (Nits), singer and musician; Shelley Hirsch, performance artist and singer; Andi Hug, musician; Hans Koch, musician; Peter Rinderknecht (Thé‚tre en gros t en détail), David Mouchtar-Samorai,; Res Wepfer (Pfannestil Chammer Sexdeet), and Zoe Zag.