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The CVC-2000 video camera was marketed for use with the early CV 2000 series of video recorders. It was sold as an accessory for the CV-2000 and CV-2000D videotape recorders. The camera was also an accessory for use with the TCV-2010 and 2020. This model included in a single case a CV deck and monitor. The CV-2020 was housed in a walnut cabinet, and included a "timing device which may be preset to record programs while the owner is away from home".

The VCK-2000 Camera Kit contained the CVC-2000 camera, tripod, camera cable, microphone, AC extension cord in a case.


"With the use of SONY's Video Camera Kit, a new era of enriched home entertainment has truly begun. Using the simple-to-operate SONY Video Camera and Microphone, anyone may easily record family events, or even their own sports activities for study and improvement. It is easy to see the tremendous advantages of video tape recording. Any recording may be viewed immediately with no tiresome waiting for developing or processing. These home video recordings may be included in the home tape library"

Weight: 5.9 lbs.
Standard lens: F1.9 25mm C mount
Vidicon tube: SONY M2016
Minimum Luminance: 100 Lux (F1.9 lens)
AGC range: 100 lux to infinite (F1.9 lens)
Power source: AC 117V ヨ 60 c/s
Power consumption: 10 W
Transistors: 26
Diodes: 25

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