SONY EV-310 1" Videocorder

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From the product literature

The EV-310 is Sony's latest addition to its famous field-proved EV series of Videocorders. Compact and portable, the EV-310 permits professional video tape recording of a wide variety of applications, in either full NTSC color or monochrome. The EV-310 uses one-inch video tape and conforms to standard EIA TV signal requirements. Any composite TV signal with 60 fields per second, including random interlace signals, can be recorded and played back with high resolution and excellent quality. Playing time is 60 minutes on a 2,460-foot reel of tape. Sony guarantees 100 tape inter-changeability between all EV Series Videocorders. The EV-310 features two-channel audio, editing and slow motion and stop action in the playback mode. The playback picture is continuously variable from still frame to less than one-fifth of normal speed. Audio can be dubbed on channel 2, without erasing previously recorded video. Automatic shut-off occurs when the tape reaches the end of the reel and a manual track-ing feature permits any necessary adjustment to assure the optimum picture in the playback mode. Whatever your application . . . education or industrial training, in school, shop, factory or virtually any location . . . this ultra-reliable, easy-to-operate system puts you far beyond any other one-inch format VTR available, anywhere.



Power Voltage: 117V plus/minus 5V Hz
Power Frequency: 60 Hz plus/minus 0.5
Power Consumption: 150 VA. max.
Ambient Temperature: 23 degrees F-113 F (storage) 41 degrees F-104 F (operating)
Recording Video Signal: EIA standard, or 60 Hz field frequency, 2:1 or random interlaced, composite video signal, NTSC color signal
Video Recording System: Rotary 2-head scan system; frequency modulation; no bias saturation recording system
Tape Interchangeability: Can play back tapes recorded by all EV Series Videocorders
Modular Construction: Solid state
Cabinet: Housed in portable metal cabinet with dust cover and carrying handles
Number of Heads: Video (record/playback) 2; Audio Channel 1 (record/ playback) 1; Audio Channel 2 (record/playback) 1; Control Track (record/playback) 1; Erase (complete tape width or Audio Channel 2 track only)
Video Head Life 1 500 hours warranty
Operating Position Vertical or horizontal

Input: Composite video signal (sync negative) 0.5V - 2.0V p-p, 75 ohms, unbalanced
Output: Composite video signal (sync negative) 1.0V p-p, 75 ohms unbalanced
HorizontaL Resolution: Monochrome: more than 300 lines (RETMA Chart); Color: more than 240 lines
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Better than 40 Db

Input Signal: Low level (microphone): - 70 dB, 600 ohms, balanced (0 dB = 0.775V): High level (Line): +4 dB, 10K ohms balanced
Output Signal: Line out: +4 dB, 600 ohm load, balanced; monitor: +4 dB, 10K ohm load, balanced
Frequency Response: 50 Hz +1 ヨ6 dB: 100 ~ 5KHz plus/minus 1 dB, 12KHz +1 ヨ6 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Better than 50 dB at 3% distortion level with NAB weighted curve

Tape Speed: 7.8 ips plus/minus 0.3%
Recording Time: 60 minutes with 2,460 ft. tape
Rewind/Fast Forward Time: Within 4 minutes with 2,460 ft. tape
Wow and Flutter: Within 0.15 % wrms (NAB weighted)
Reel: Sony reel Model R1.8V or RI-8VP
Tape: Sony video tape Type V-ll-A or equivalent

Slow and Still: Playback speed is continuously variable from stop action to less than one-fifth of normal speed
Tracking Control: Adjustable plus/minus 30 % of rotary video head track
Audio 2 Dubbing: Audio Channel 2 can be used to dub (record) audio information at a later time without erasing or disturbing the previously recorded picture

Dimensions: 18 ᄒ" (W) x 10 ᄐ" (H) x 19 ᄐ" (D)
Weight: 77 lbs.

Video Monitor: One of the two video outputs may be used
Audio Monitor: Either Audio CH 1 or Audio CH 2 may be selected; 10K ohm balanced load

Video Tape, Sony V-ll-A
Empty reel, RI-8V
AC power cord
Accessory bag
Reel retaining knobs
Operation manual
Cleaning set
Splicing tape

Color pack CLP-1B
Remote control EVR-310
Rack mounting metal RMM-2

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