Sony Videocorder Application Bulletins Vol. II

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Duotone Cover, Black and White Illustrated Collected Application Bulletins. From Inside Cover: "Enter: The Televisionary Age...a word about this volume". Articles in Contents: "Mrs. O'Leary Never Had It So Good", "Sony Aids Crimefighters", "Sony Works for Teachers, Students, Parents at Kettering Schools", "Sony Helps Test Navy Aircraft", "Sony Stops Traffic", "Sony Helps Tinnerman Products in Sales, Training, Production", "Sony: Self-Trainer for Computer Salesmen", "Sony Helps Train Steelmakers", "Sony Improves Driver Education", "Sony Aids Prisoner Education and Rehabilitation", "Sony Helps Detroit Church Council 'Spread the Word'", "Avco Bay Abrasives Division 'Tells It Like It Is'", "Sony Helps Diagnose Circulatory Diseases", "Sony Trains Real Estate Brokers", "Sony Helps Settle Hurricane Camille Claims", "Sony Sparks Sales Training at Rodale", "Communication in Depth: Sony's Job in the Navy", "Sony CCTV: Training and Investigative Tool for El Monte Police", "Sony Helps Boost Patient Morale", "Army Develops Film Strip with Sony VTR", "Sony VTR: Medical Care for Children", "Sony Helps Keep Northwest Orient in the Air", "Sony Bridges Sales Information Gap at Manheim", Notes, Applications, Users, Notes.

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